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Intellectual property law

Trademarks, Designs and Models

  • Carrying out prior art and availability searches in France and abroad;
  • Studying the distinctiveness and validity of IP assets;
  • Filing and renewing national, community and international (specifications and territories) trademarks design and models and dealing with administrative procedures (including notifications and oppositions) in France and abroad;
  • Proposing and developing strategies for the protection of clients’ rights;
  • Watch (in France, the EU and worldwide), monitoring and repurchasing;
  • Keeping abreast of competitive developments and public opinion polls;
  • Carrying out financial audits, appraisals and evaluations;
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts (e.g. transfers, licences, co-existence agreements, letters of consent, confidentiality agreements, transactions, letters of undertaking, co-ownership agreements, franchise agreements, distribution contracts, consortium agreements and domain name charters).

Authors' Rights and Copyright

  • Analysing rights;
  • Analysing risks of proximity;
  • Proposing and developing strategies for the protection of clients’ rights;
  • Filing, including Soleau envelopes, sealed envelopes and official statements (e.g. by a bailiff);
  • Right registration, record keeping and evidence of the rights using the blockchain technology (with our bailiff partner and its dedicated platform)
  • Negotiating and drafting of contracts (exploitation and transfer).

Domain names

  • Carrying out availability and freedom to operate searches, filing and global management. Constituting and consolidating portfolios according to the client’s business strategy and economic policy;
  • Auditing rights;
  • Global monitoring and analysing the results and making recommendations (the firm provides collaborative tools);
  • Pre-litigation: notifications, cease and desist letters and recovery;
  • Litigation: extrajudicial proceedings (UDRP, SYRELI and similar) at an international level;
  • Carrying out financial evaluations and transactions; valuing domain names and portfolios;
  • Advising on strategy (domain name naming charters, litigation strategy tools, intra-group management, optimisation and consolidation of portfolios).

Inventions of employees and Patents

  • Classifying creations;
  • Defining inventions (whether attributable to the employer or not) and know-how;
  • Transfer agreements and transfer clauses in employment contracts;
  • Patent litigation.

SCAN AVOCATS also represents its clients in patent litigation (concerning validity and infringement of IP assets), co-operating closely with patent engineers.

Civil and criminal litigation & anti-counterfeiting

SCAN AVOCATS appears before French civil and criminal jurisdictions on behalf of its clients both to make claims and to defend them. The firm also represents clients before national (CNIS), European (EUIPO) and international IP courts and in arbitration proceedings (e.g. WIPO, NAFCAC and the French AFNIC). This work covers fields of law on infringement of IP assets, unfair competition, parasitism and misleading or comparative advertising.

SCAN AVOCATS works closely with the Customs authorities and police in the combat against counterfeiting, both in France and abroad.

Advertising and Communications Law

SCAN AVOCATS accompanies its clients, including advertising companies, throughout the various stages of their business. This work extends to carrying out research for names and logos, drafting sales orders and Terms and Conditions of Use or sale. The firm’s work to validate advertising campaigns takes into account regulatory constraints (such as the French ‘Loi Evin’ and ‘Loi Toubon’), public health law and consumer law.